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Limerick Love

something sure smellsLimericks are short, rhyming poems that are most often funny and sometimes tell a story. There is a pattern to limericks–the 1st, 2nd, and 5th lines rhyme with one another and are between 8 and 10 syllables. This brand new book features 26 limericks with illustrations that match each poem. Click on the book to find it at your favorite library. Here is my favorite:
“Ahoy!” said a pirate named MARRRRRty,
who was fun loving, healthy, and heARRRRty.
“I believe it’s my duty
to go shake my booty,
’cause nothin’s more fun than a pARRRRRty!”

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The Magic of Poetry

FullSizeRender(1)It seems fitting to end National Poetry Month with a poem. Children love word play and rhyme! Not only is poetry fun to share, it helps children get ready to read. Phonological awareness, the ability to hear and play with the smallest sounds in words, is an important skill that helps children decode, or figure out words, when reading. It is this skill that is sharpened with poetry and rhyme.

When we read poetry with children we might also be inspiring and igniting the inner poet of a child who is discovering the wonder of words.

Shel Silverstein was a significant influence on this young poet. Check out some of his books, find a child to read with, or enjoy them by yourself.

(“Magic”, by Lucia Diaz-Martin, age 9)

sidewalk light

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Are you a poet?

If you are in Kindergarten through 12th grade, you’ll want to consider entering the 32nd annual ACPL Poetry Contest! Entries will be accepted at all Allen County Public Library locations through November 3rd. The theme of this year’s contest is “Imagine That!

Poetry Contest RulesWe look forward to reading your poem!

(Teachers: You are invited to submit a poem from every student in your class!)

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Make poetry a part of your everyday life. Start by celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day today! Carry a little poem around and share it with those you meetfirefly july. If you need help finding a great poem for your pocket you can always stop by the library. We’ve got hundreds of poetry books. This one came in last month and it’s full of pocket-size poems. I like the first line of “In the Field Forever” by Robert Wallace…

Sun’s a roaring dandelion, hour by hour.

Have a beautiful poetic day!

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This fall, the Library offered a poetry contest for children and young adults with the theme “To Whom It May Concern.” In this 31st annual Allen County Public Library Poetry Contest, judges evaluated the nearly 700 entries received, and on Saturday, December 7th, family, friends, teachers, and librarians celebrated the winning poets.





Congratulations to all the winners:

Grade Place First Name Last Name School
K 1st Place Adrianna Ripple Homeschool
K 2nd Place Naomi Maurer Homeschool
K 3rd Place Gavin Hoover Canterbury School
K Honorable Mention Maya McMillan Canterbury School
Grade 1 1st Place Grant Paxson Homeschool
Grade 1 2nd Place Adderly Surack Canterbury School
Grade 2 1st Place Arden Meeks Emmanuel St. Michael
Grade 2 2nd Place Cassidy Marden Emmanuel St. Michael
Grade 2 3rd Place Isaac Maurer Homeschool
Grade 2 Honorable Mention Emily Milholland Emmanuel St. Michael
Grade 3 1st Place Ren Moore Weisser Park
Grade 3 2nd Place Cole Gram Horizon Christian Academy
Grade 3 3rd Place Amber Choi Canterbury School
Grade 3 Honorable Mention Lucy Gongaware Central Lutheran
Grade 4 1st Place Ella Hildebrand St. Paul’s Lutheran
Grade 4 2nd Place Ian Ripple Homeschool
Grade 4 2nd Place Meghan Beverly Concordia Lutheran
Grade 4 3rd Place Leah Marquell Canterbury School
Grade 4 Honorable Mention Emma Hildreth Canterbury School
Grade 5 1st Place Isabel Adamson St. Jude Catholic
Grade 5 2nd Place August Grube St. Jude Catholic
Grade 5 3rd Place Shelby Schlicker Holy Cross Lutheran
Grade 5 3rd Place Louis Tippmann St. Jude Catholic
Grade 5 Honorable Mention Abby Hodges Holy Cross Lutheran
Grade 6 1st Place Olivia Grande Holy Cross Lutheran
Grade 6 2nd Place Ariana Layton Summit Middle School
Grade 6 3rd Place Israel Robles Memorial Park Middle
Grade 6 Honorable Mention Nicholas Myles Holy Cross Lutheran
Grade 6 Honorable Mention Liberty Barton Memorial Park Middle
Grade 7 1st Place Zoe Moore Memorial Park Middle
Grade 7 2nd Place Sarah Hobson Hobson Homeschool
Grade 7 3rd Place Christian Lucas Holy Cross Lutheran
Grade 7 Honorable Mention Grace Shollenberger Holy Cross Lutheran
Grade 8 1st Place Evan Cole Canterbury Middle School
Grade 8 1st Place Camden Lytle Canterbury Middle School
Grade 8 2nd Place Annabella Cobos St. Jude
Grade 8 3rd Place Hannah Pitzer Holy Cross Lutheran
Grade 8 Honorable Mention Elisha Scott Canterbury Middle School
Grade 8 Honorable Mention Austin Fergusson Canterbury Middle School
Grade 9 1st Place Brianne Boone Boone Academy
Grade 9 2nd Place Hannah Hobson Hobson Homeschool
Grade 9 3rd Place Julian Ford North Side High School
Grade 9 Honorable Mention Lily Schenkel North Side High School
Grade 10 1st Place Alexys Copeland New Tech Academy @ Wayne
Grade 10 2nd Place Kaytlin Callaway New Tech Academy @ Wayne
Grade 10 3rd Place Keelan Koehne Carroll High School
Grade 10 Honorable Mention Sylvia Tyra New Tech Academy @ Wayne
Grade 11 1st Place Erin Kilbane Bishop Dwenger High School
Grade 11 2nd Place Alea Wagner Bishop Dwenger High School
Grade 11 3rd Place Maria Welch Bishop Dwenger High School
Grade 11 Honorable Mention Jenny Roach Bishop Dwenger High School
Grade 12 1st Place Emilee Parke New Tech Academy @ Wayne
Grade 12 2nd Place Preston Owens Hoosier Academy
Grade 12 3rd Place Cameron Pernell New Tech Academy @ Wayne
Grade 12 Honorable Mention Quatinya Ellis-McCall New Tech Academy @ Wayne

The winning poets each received a booklet containing all the winning poems and a trophy. The Awards Ceremony, featuring the poets reading their poems, was also videotaped for airing on cable access TV. The booklet containing all the winning poems will be bound into a hard cover book and become part of the permanent library collection.

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Poetry Contest Ends TODAY!

image descriptionThe 31st annual Allen County Public Library Poetry Contest ends today! The theme of this year’s contest is “To Whom It May Concern.” All poetry entries must be recieved at the Main Library by 6:00 pm tonight!

If you are a child in Kindergarten through fifth grade, you are encouraged to write and submit a poem.

All winners will have their poems published in a book which will become a permanent part of the Allen County Public Library collection. (Check out past winners here.)


  1. Poetry Contest is open to all children in kindergarten through grade five, and all young adults in grades six through twelve
  2. Only one entry per student
  3. Poem must be student’s original work
  4. All entries must be submitted on 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper
  5. All entries must have student’s name, address, phone number, school, and grade on the back of the poem.
  6. Poetry Contest starts on Monday, September 16, 2013
  7. Poetry Contest ends on Friday, November 1, 2013 at 6:00 pm
  8. Criteria for judging of poems includes creativity, legibility, and originality
  9. First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mention will be chosen for each grade
  10. Winners will be notified by mail
  11. The Poetry Contest Award Ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 7th at 11:00 am in the Main Library theater
  12. All Poetry Contest entries become the property of the Allen County Public Library
  13. For further information, call the Children’s Services department at 260.421.1220 or the Young Adults’ Services department at 260.421.1255

Poems will be judged by area professors, teachers, and poets. Four awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and honorable mention) will be awarded for each of the thirteen grade divisions.

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Not boring poetry

Two new poetry books not only bring a lovely rhythm to life, they also bring a sense of play.

Seeds, BeesThe first, Seeds, Bees, Butterflies and More! by Carole Gerber is a book of poetry designed to be read aloud by two voices. The poems tend to give human traits to plants and animals with humourous and thought-provoking results. One of my favorite poems in this book — Bye, Bye, Berries — is a conversation between two ripening berries just waiting to get plump enough for birds to enjoy as a treat. This is a fun book to share.

Follow followSeveral years ago, poet Marilyn Singer published a collection of “reverso poems” called Mirror, Mirror. This year she published a new companion volume of reverso poems called Follow Follow. Again, Ms. Singer has demonstrated the ability to write a poem which — if read in reverse — is the “other side of the story.” For example, the poem “Ready, Steady, Go” captures the private thoughts of the hare and the tortoise’s as they compete in the classic race detailed in the Aesop’s Fable The Tortoise and the Hare:

That ridiculous loser!
I am not
a slowpoke.
Though I may be
the smallest bit distracted
I can’t be
I’ve got rabbit feet to
take me to the finish line.
Take me to the finish line!
I’ve got rabbit feet to
I can’t be
the smallest bit distracted.
Though I may be
a slowpoke,
I am not
that ridiculous loser.

What poetry books have you read recently which you enjoyed?

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