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David Ezra Stein has 10 picture books to his name and one, Interrupting Chicken, is a Caldecott Honor.

Little Red Hen wants a story at bedtime, but Papa is reluctant because Little Red Hen keeps interrupting.  Parents and kids will identify with this eternal bedtime problem.

Love, Mouserella is a sweet story about a little mouse that misses her grandma.  She writes her a letter and shares all the things she’s been doing.  This story letter rambles on as if a 5 year-old wrote it.  It’s playful and endearing. Children will love the way it reads like a letter and shows little mouse’s imagination.

Leaves is about a young bear that is experiencing his first Autumn.  He’s upset about the leaves falling off the trees and keeps trying to put them back.  He gets tired after awhile and takes a nap in the big pile of leaves.  When he wakes up it’s Spring!

Pouch is about a baby kangaroo’s first time out of the pouch.  This will remind parents about their child’s first steps.  He jumps out, sees a bee then hops back in.  He jumps out again and meets a bunny and then hops back to the pouch once more.  He continues until he gets a little further every time away from mama.  He meets another baby kangaroo and things take a giant leap away from the pouch.

Stein uses crayons, watercolors, and a china marker or you may know it as a grease pencil.  The pictures show movement, texture, and are quite light-hearted.  They are fun to read together parent and child, but I love to use them in Storytime, too.

The latest creation from Stein is Ol’ Mama Squirrel.  He adds ink to his drawings.  Mama Squirrel is very protective of her babies.  She scares off all kinds of critters, dogs, owls, kites, airplanes, and ground keepers.  But one day a big ole bear comes scratching along and the pelting acorns don’t keep him away.  She has to call in reinforcements.  Although this may seem like a more serious subject, a mama keeping her babies safe, it’s all done with a great sense of humor and lively artwork.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog where Miss Sara from the Georgetown Branch gives a video review of Ol’ Mama Squirrel.

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Librarians get to do LOTS of fun things, but one of the coolest things we get to do is attend conferences and trainings.  Why is this so cool?  Because we get to learn all kind of new stuff that we can then share with YOU!

Recently, a couple of librarians from ACPL (myself included) were able to visit the Mazza Museum at the University of Findlay for their annual Fall Weekend Conference — what a treat!  We met several award-winning children’s authors and illustrators — like Mo WillemsJon J. MuthDavid MacaulayErin SteadPhilip SteadDavid Ezra SteinGary Schmidt.  We had the opportunity to listen to them speak about why they create books for children, their processes, their motivations.   For those of us who work with children’s books day-in and day-out, it was like getting to meet ROCK STARS!  Seriously!

What did I learn? For starters…

  • I learned that 100 miles from Fort Wayne (that’s closer than Indy!)  is a museum of original picture book art that offers FREE admission, that is extremely family-friendly,  and that offers everyone the opportunity to see and learn about some of the best art created today. (hint, hint, great family trip)!
  • I learned that the authors and illustrators at the conference have a real sense of purpose and mission to provide children with the best — the best art, the best literature — because children are IMPORTANT.
  • I was reminded that there are many other librarians and teachers out there who also care deeply about children and who want to provide them with the best books and resources to help them thrive and grow.

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