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The library just received a series that introduces nonfiction to young children. Each title is a question, for example Does a Woodpecker Use a Hammer?, then it discusses the likelihood of that animal using that tool, along with other animals and their use of tools.

The bright, colorful, cartoon-like art is very accessible to young learners. The text is straight forward and simple. Although the library puts these books in their designated nonfiction area, they follow the early reader premise and range from 2.0-3.0 reading level.

An older series the library has that I would compare the new series to includes Can Elephants Drink Through Their Noses? How Wise is an Owl? and Do Cats Have Nine Lives? all by Deborah Dennard with various artists.  Each artist uses cartoon art with photographs. The reading level seems to be a bit higher, third to fourth grade.

Both series offer learning by posing a collection of animal questions then providing the answers. I like how they each share facts by asking a question that could be an old wives’ tale. Then the information is explained in an uncomplicated way while acknowledging why you might think that way. They reveal the hidden nugget of real information to be found.

Whether you try the new or old series, I think you’ll find ways to expound on informational texts and pique your child’s curiosity.

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