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Baby Sign Language

Behold: Teh Cuteness

Someone else’s cute baby signing for “more”

My daughter’s first birthday is just a few weeks away.  It is fascinating watching her development as she approaches toddlerhood.  While I am a bit sad that she is less a baby, I don’t have much time to focus on that while I am trying to keep up with her!

We introduced the signs for “more” [fold all fingers down to meet thumbs and join fingertips from both hands] and “milk” [hold fist in air and pretend to milk a cow] at around six months.  It didn’t take very long for her to figure out the signs. “More” started out as more of a clap but has now progressed to putting the fingertips of one hand against her other palm.  Her older brother, now four, signed it that way as a baby, too!

In our storytimes at Georgetown, we start each session singing “The More We Get Together.”  Signs are added for the words “more,” “together,” “happy,” and “friends.”  Kids of all ages seem to enjoy adding these movements – even if some are a bit complicated for little fingers (“friends” involves a bit more fine motor control).

At the library, we have a ton of baby sign language material for you to check out: books for the child, books for the parent/caregiver, and lots of videos, too!

Do you sign with your kids? Did you find it useful?

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