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We love storytime!

Storytime is so much fun! It was great to see all of the ballerinas, pigs, skeletons, and dragons that came out last Friday to join in with the stories, rhymes, and songs! We read lots of books with rhythm and rhyming. For babies we read Ten Tiny Toes by Caroline Church and Hands Can by Cheryl Willis Hudson. In Toddler time we read I Got the Rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison and Hop, Hop, Jump by Lauren Thompson.


Come join us for some great together time with your child on Fridays at the Main Library. We have Babies and Books at 10 AM and Toddler Time at 10:30 AM and 11 AM.

Michal Miller
Children’s Services Librarian

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Gift Books

I am at a stage in my life where it seems like a lot of my friends and relatives are having babies.  Suddenly, I’m finding myself choosing books to give as baby shower gifts.  After attending the first couple of showers, I’ve realized that I have a formula for the books I like to give:  I like to give two board books and two picture books.  Not only that, but I tend to give books that are either by the same author or in the same series.  Which books do I normally give out?  Well…

that's not my dinosaur
I like to give at least one board book that has a sensory component.  The Usborne Touchy-Feely Books series is one of my favorites.  Each book features a different cast of characters (lions, dinosaurs, teddy bears, pirates, and mermaids just to name a few), and I try to pick a different book for each baby shower.

A Book of Sleep
The second board book that I like to give is usually based off of one of my favorite picture books.  The reason for this is — I admit it — I’m not a big board book reader.  But I am an avid picture book reader!  While not all board book renditions of picture books are great, I feel more confident giving a board book that has a story I already know and love.

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site
When it comes to picture books, I always include one of Sherri Duskey Rinker’s titles:  Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site or Steam Train, Dream Train.  These books are a little long for babies, but the illustrations coupled with the gently rhyming text makes these books perfect bedtime stories!

This is Not My Hat
The second picture book that I tend to give is usually a Caldecott or a classic (or in some cases, both).  If I know one of the parent’s favorite childhood picture book, I will buy that.  Otherwise, I try to pick a book that fits with the parent’s personality.  Do they have a dry sense of humor?  Jon Klassin’s This is Not My Hat fits the bill.  Are the parents more quiet?  I might go with Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes.

What books do you tend to give as presents for baby?

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Summertime reading for the very young.


zoom larry loves new york garden rhymes
my first 123 twinkle honk
little dump truck noisy train what's in your purse

Don’t forget, babies can participate in the Summer Reading Program and earn great gifts, including board books.

Also, check out this article in the New York Times about reading to babies.

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So what is a toddlerpalooza?
First, it’s free.
Second, it’s fun.
Third, it’s a learning experience.
It’s a time for you to talk, sing, read, write and play with your toddler while doing all kinds of fun stuff.
Make art! Sing and dance! Build something and knock it down! Climb through a tunnel!
When done with an engaged adult, these experiences help children establish a foundation which will help them get ready to decode and understand the written word.


Many branches are holding Toddlerpalooza at the same time at their usual baby or toddler storytimes. Check with your library to find out when and where the next Toddlerpalooza is taking place.



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Born to Read

Most libraries in Allen County offer storytime for the littlest library patrons – babies and toddlers.  Yesterday at Grabill’s Born to Read Storytime we had fun singing “The Wheels on the Bus” with a toy bus and “Shake and Stop” with our egg shakers.  Of course there was plenty of story sharing and smiles too.

Here are some of our favorite board books to share!

moo moo what are you snuggle puppy to be a kid
i kissed the baby hand hand fingers thumb lunch

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David Ezra Stein has 10 picture books to his name and one, Interrupting Chicken, is a Caldecott Honor.

Little Red Hen wants a story at bedtime, but Papa is reluctant because Little Red Hen keeps interrupting.  Parents and kids will identify with this eternal bedtime problem.

Love, Mouserella is a sweet story about a little mouse that misses her grandma.  She writes her a letter and shares all the things she’s been doing.  This story letter rambles on as if a 5 year-old wrote it.  It’s playful and endearing. Children will love the way it reads like a letter and shows little mouse’s imagination.

Leaves is about a young bear that is experiencing his first Autumn.  He’s upset about the leaves falling off the trees and keeps trying to put them back.  He gets tired after awhile and takes a nap in the big pile of leaves.  When he wakes up it’s Spring!

Pouch is about a baby kangaroo’s first time out of the pouch.  This will remind parents about their child’s first steps.  He jumps out, sees a bee then hops back in.  He jumps out again and meets a bunny and then hops back to the pouch once more.  He continues until he gets a little further every time away from mama.  He meets another baby kangaroo and things take a giant leap away from the pouch.

Stein uses crayons, watercolors, and a china marker or you may know it as a grease pencil.  The pictures show movement, texture, and are quite light-hearted.  They are fun to read together parent and child, but I love to use them in Storytime, too.

The latest creation from Stein is Ol’ Mama Squirrel.  He adds ink to his drawings.  Mama Squirrel is very protective of her babies.  She scares off all kinds of critters, dogs, owls, kites, airplanes, and ground keepers.  But one day a big ole bear comes scratching along and the pelting acorns don’t keep him away.  She has to call in reinforcements.  Although this may seem like a more serious subject, a mama keeping her babies safe, it’s all done with a great sense of humor and lively artwork.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog where Miss Sara from the Georgetown Branch gives a video review of Ol’ Mama Squirrel.

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This is a question I hear quite often — and I’m always happy to explain just what we do!

We sing! Here we are singing “The More We Get Together”, which we sing every week as our opening song.  It’s especially fun when we add the signs!
 We play! Nursery rhymes, bounce rhymes, fingerplays and action songs are all important — and fun — ways to help young children get ready to read.
  We read!  We pass out age-appropriate board books for adults and children to share together.

At storytime at the Main Library last week, we talked about the power of SONG.  Did you know…

  • singing with young children is a fun way to share language with them.
  • when you sing and rhyme with your child, you are laying the groundwork for reading.
  • rhymes and songs have many interesting words — singing and saying them helps build vocabulary.
  • singing songs and saying rhymes are wonderful bonding activities

There are many books written for babies and young children based on nursery rhymes and songs — these make wonderful choices when you’re looking for books to share!

See the library’s events calendar to find the dates and times of Baby and Toddler Storytimes at all Allen County Public Library locations.

Here are some the books we shared last week at the Main Library:


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