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Necklace.JPGEvery time I take a group of children and parents through the Main Library on a tour, I say the same thing to them while I show them the picture book area.  “Remember,” I say, “that picture books are not just for little kids.  I like to read them, and lots of them are written for older kids.  Don’t stop visiting this section of the library when you learn to read chapter books!”

This new book is a great example.  I would read it to an eight or nine-year-old, to my five-year-old granddaughters, or even to a group of adults interested in genealogy.  (We see quite a few adults like that here at the Allen County Public Library.)

In The Granddaughter Necklace, Sharon is about to pass on to her daughter Georgia, the necklace worn by generations of females in her family.  She tells the story of each, back as far as she knows, when Francis wore the necklace on the ship to America from Ireland.

Read about the inspiration for the story in the author’s note at the back of the book.  It’s not a true story, but it was inspired by the history of the author’s family and by her search for that history.  It’s an almost-true story, like most good stories are.

Read here about this African-American author’s life and about some of the more than fifty children’s books she’s written.

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