Dream Big With Books

“Dream Big With Books” sounds like a cheesy summer reading program slogan, but it’s true!

beautiful lego

Take this book, for instance. Beautiful Lego, by Mike Doyle, is a 267 page book filled with LEGO block creations by artists from around the world. Most of our libraries have it in their adult book sections. The LEGO models you find in this book are complex and no instructions are given. This book is kind of for grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean kids shouldn’t enjoy it too. There’s something powerful about kids getting their hands on an adult book related to their interests. For me, it was photography. I loved taking pictures and I dreamed of being really good at it some day. I discovered photography magazines when I was about nine years old. I didn’t understand most of what was written in the articles, but I did understand that there were tools and skills out there that, when combined with talent, could make some amazing images! I’m so glad I had a public library where I could explore more than just the kids’ section. Every child needs the chance to Dream Big!


Construction Zone


Most anyone visiting the Main Library this summer has seen the construction of the new Ash Brokerage Building on Wayne Street. My boys love to watch the cranes and they think the cement mixers are pretty cool too.

As a librarian and mom it’s fun to match their current interests with books. Here are a few great picks!

cranes wow city c is for construction
sidewalk trucks construction workers
sky scrapers cement mixers whose hat


waitWait, by Antoinette Portis, is such a lovely new book! It tells a simple story alternating between just two words throughout. I could say that the pictures perfectly reflect the tension between the busy demands of parenting and the joys of childhood, but that seems a bit pretentious. Instead, I’ll just say that I love the colors and the message. Sometimes we don’t need to hurry as much as we think we do. Wait and see the wonders.

Open Art Display

Open Art Display

Our walls are bursting with art! Come visit Children’s Services at the Main library anytime from August 16th to September 12th to view the amazing artwork on display. The art was donated by children from all over Allen County that attended our Summer Reading Program, Open Art.

— Post written by Children’s Services staff person and art enthusiast, Michal Miller.

Don’t Laugh!

Here’s a fun game idea taken from the new book by Amanda Morin called On-the-Go Fun for Kids! This is a question and answer game that youlaugh can play with your kids while waiting in line or other boring places. First, make up a silly phrase like “a pink piggy puddle.” Second, ask your child a series of questions and tell her each time she should answer with the silly phrase. The goal of the game is for your child to keep a straight face and not laugh or giggle as you go along.

Like this…

you say: Where did you sleep last night?
her response: A pink piggy puddle.
you say: What’s your favorite drink?
her response: A pink piggy puddle.
you say: What are you going to wash your face with?
her response: A pink piggy puddle.

Either you’ll run out of questions or she’ll start to laugh and then you can switch roles and play again!

First Day and Feeling Fine

First day of school jitters? Here are some books that might help.

will i have a friend first day of school jake starts school
birdie's we go to school Arthery's
what does a teacher do Mouse's first day jitters



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