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waitWait, by Antoinette Portis, is such a lovely new book! It tells a simple story alternating between just two words throughout. I could say that the pictures perfectly reflect the tension between the busy demands of parenting and the joys of childhood, but that seems a bit pretentious. Instead, I’ll just say that I love the colors and the message. Sometimes we don’t need to hurry as much as we think we do. Wait and see the wonders.

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Don’t Laugh!

Here’s a fun game idea taken from the new book by Amanda Morin called On-the-Go Fun for Kids! This is a question and answer game that youlaugh can play with your kids while waiting in line or other boring places. First, make up a silly phrase like “a pink piggy puddle.” Second, ask your child a series of questions and tell her each time she should answer with the silly phrase. The goal of the game is for your child to keep a straight face and not laugh or giggle as you go along.

Like this…

you say: Where did you sleep last night?
her response: A pink piggy puddle.
you say: What’s your favorite drink?
her response: A pink piggy puddle.
you say: What are you going to wash your face with?
her response: A pink piggy puddle.

Either you’ll run out of questions or she’ll start to laugh and then you can switch roles and play again!

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I Don’t Like Koala

The main library recently hosted our incredibly popular Stuffed Animal Sleepover.  If you don’t know, a Stuffed Animal Sleepover is a chance for beloved stuffed animals to spend the night at the library.  During their stay, they have an all-access pass to the library building.  Librarians take pictures of all their activities: from playing in the Early Learning Center, to exploring the Jeffrey R. Krull Gallery, to enjoying a midnight snack and reading a book while all tucked in to bed.

If you have ever loved a stuffed animal, you certainly know that they most certainly each have their own personality.  And, if I am being honest, some of them are more than a little naughty.  When I read “I Don’t Like Koala” by Sean Ferrell, I was immediately reminded of some of the unique stuffed animals I have known.


Meet Koala.  Adam is pretty sure there is something a little “off” about him.  But no matter how hard Adam tries to get rid of him,  Koala keeps coming back.  Could anything be more terrible terrible than Koala?  Yes!

Have you even known a stuffed animal like Koala?

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Llama Llama Visits the Library!

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Llama Llama, the lovable picture book character created by Anna Dewdney, has been making the rounds at Allen County Public Library locations.   Don’t miss this opportunity to hear some stories, check out some books, meet Llama Llama, and, of course, get some photos!

Upcoming dates and times are:

  • Thursday, July 16  @ 6:30pm — Children’s Services, Main Library
  • Friday, July 17 @ 10:30am — Pontiac Branch
  • Friday, July 17 @ 1:00pm — Shawnee Branch
  • Monday, July 20 @7:00pm — Little Turtle Branch

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Rescue Fish!

The Children’s Services department has a special, new, aquatic friend in the form of a slightly deformed, but wonderfully resilient, Panther Grouper. When Randy, our “fish guy,” told us he had a rescue fish who had been through a rough and tumble of a time, we invited him to rehabilitate the trooper of a grouper in one of our spacious 225 gallon tanks.

Rescue fish

Trooper, the Grouper — our Rescue Fish

When Trooper first joined our spacious Eel Tank–home to our benevolent Snowflake Eel, Zebra Eel, and African Red-Tipped Starfish–he struggled to swim and his coloring was so poor we were afraid he might not rally, but after just a few weeks, he seems to be thriving!  Because of past experiences, Trooper may always have a bit of a bulge to his left eye, some damage to his left gill, and some scarring on his forehead, but we are so happy to have him–eccentricities and all!

Come by the Children’s Services department at the Main Library to wish Trooper well and visit our dozens of other fun, fishy friends! The tanks are full and the water is fine!

— Post written by Children’s Services staffperson and fish-lover, Dori Graham

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Summer Reading Timer

Keeping track of your 20 minutes for your summer reading sheet? Have an iPhone or iPad? We have a handy timer built into our ACPL Family App! Just press “start” and the timer will begin. Press “log this time” and it will add it under your name. There is NO limit to the number of users you can add to the timer–perfect for families or even child care centers! Get the app at the iTunes store. What’s the longest continuous time you have read?



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