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Star Readers

As a children’s and teen librarian I love helping kids find books for school. We get lots of requests, and the specifics of each one make them like little puzzles to solve.

Say, for instance, that a 3rd grade girl needs a book that has an Accelerated Reader (AR) test and is listed as a 6th grade reading level. When elementary school kids are ‘star readers’ it’s sometimes hard to find a book that is challenging enough but also appropriate in content. In these cases, one of my first suggestions is to take a look at nonfiction. There are so many great nonfiction books out there about all sorts of fun stuff! The specific vocabulary they use and the more complex ideas make them a fantastic choice for kids who are reading at high levels.

Here are some examples.

er vets ER Vets: Life in an Animal Emergency Room
by Donna Jackson
88 pages
AR level 8.1


Escape Escape: The story of the great Houdini
by Sid Fleischman
207 pages
AR level 6.6
project seahorse Project Seahorse
by Pamela Turner
51 pages
AR level 6.6
no pretty pictures No Pretty Pictures: a child of war
by Anita Lobel
190 pages
AR level 5.0
american plague An American Plague:The true and terrifying story of the yellow fever epidemic of 1793
by Jim Murphy
165 pages
AR level 9.0

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Can You Whoo, Too?

can you whoo

Can You Whoo, Too? by Harriet Ziefert is one of those non-fiction books that can work two ways. Every page has simple text that engages the listener to moo, whoo, or squawk. Along the side of each page there is also specific information about animal behavior with great words like ‘bellows’, ‘terror’, and ‘compose’. It reads like a poetic book about animal sounds if you just read the big words. This would be great with a classroom full of kids. It reads like a beginner biology book if you’re just reading with one or two children and you’re reading all the words on every page.

Now let me tell you about the pictures! They’re so much fun. I love the colors and patters on the collage papers that Sophie Fatus used. Her cheerful animals do look like they are talking to each other, and sometimes to the reader as well.

Take a look at this new book and share it with your favorite little animal lover today!

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On-the-Go Fun for Kids

on the go

This new book has hundreds of simple, engaging activities for you to do with your child. Author Amanda Morin broke the book into handy chapters about car trips, train trips, vacations and hotel stays, shopping trips, and stuff to do when you’re just waiting at places like the doctor’s office. There’s a nice mix of word games, imagination games, brain teasers, and pen and paper games. There are also suggestions for apps to try for the tech loving kids in your family.

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playfulIf you’re a crafter with kids you’re going to want to check out this new book, Playful by Liddiard Merrilee. Contained in this lovely book are lots of ideas, patterns, and projects for you to make with and for your kids. Each one promotes play and creativity. I especially like the chapter on Playful Repurposing with great uses for cereal boxes, larger cardboard boxes, and duct tape.

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New Non-fiction Books for Kids


marine verse basketball
babysit big book of brick trucks sleep bear
sea outbreak edible

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We Dig Worms

we dig wormsOn a rainy Monday perhaps you’re in the mood for a cute and informative book about worms? We just got this book called We Dig Worms by Kevin McCloskey. I like the comic book feel to it and the worms that talk to the reader as you go along. It’s a great book for those little ones who ask millions of questions like “where are its ears?” and “Why is he shaped like that?” and “Why are there so many worms out after it rains?”.


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Truck Books

Books for the truck lover in your family.

machines goodnight big rig
my big trucks roll trucks
bulldozers garbage dump truck


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