Are you looking for signs of spring?

When nature doesn’t cooperate perhaps you can feel the sun and smell the apple blossoms in a good book instead.

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All packed up with somewhere to go? Loving the destination, but not the getting there part?
Never fear, your library is always near.
With your library card you can take all kinds of fun activities with you.

Miami Bound!acpl family appFun on the GO!
Download the ACPL Family App, available from the iTunes store for iPhones and iPads. Here you will find some songs to sing and things to talk about with your child.

Sing Some New Songs!
With Freegal you can freely and legally download up to six songs a week to your device and keep them forever. (Get it? Freegal?)  There is lots of music for children, and of course for your listening pleasure too.

Read and Listen to Books! 
Reluctant to borrow book books for fear of fines or losing them? You and your children can read ebooks without checking them out by using Tumblebooks.

Of course you can also borrow ebooks and audio books via OverDrive too!

Magazines for Everybody!
Vacation is the perfect time to indulge in some quick reads and glance through magazines. You can find magazines for a variety of interests, including for children, with our new Flipster service.

Taking the Show on the Road!
Rain, rain, go away. Now might be a good time to watch one of the movies available for a free, three day check out at Hoopla. Sign up at online to borrow ten movies a month, per library card.


No matter the destination and how long it takes to get there, no matter the weather, there is always something to do. Share a story from your worst vacation, when you learned how to swim, the time you felt lost and couldn’t find your mother.
Yes, we have mobile this and that. But I bet your children’s favorite memories will be time that you spent just being present together.
So don’t forget to put those phones and devices away.
It’s time to play!

New books full of fun and facts!

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inventions see things ruff
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Growing up at the Library

It’s tons of fun seeing kids who come into the library year after year grow up. I’m not the first librarian to voice this job benefit. I’ve been at the Grabill Library now for almost 10 years so that’s a lot of growing up that’s been going on. In preparation for our 10th Anniversary party I’ve been rummaging through old pictures.


This is Olivia. The old picture I found has her enjoying Grabill’s board book collection (and looking pretty darn cute I must say). I took this new picture the other day right after she had finished her turn on the kids’ computers (and still looking pretty darn cute). I hope Olivia, and all the other kids who use our resources when they’re young keep visiting, keep reading, and keep growing those amazing minds! We love to see you and we are honored to travel the journey with you!

I love this new book!

Today we got a new book by Jon Agee. His books are always great and this one is no exception.


To me, a good picture book tells part of the story with the pictures and part of the story with the words. In this case, the two stories don’t completely fit together. The title “It’s Only Stanley” is the phrase that Mr. Wimbledon keeps repeating after checking on strange nighttime sounds. Yep, Stanley is the cause, but you and I can see something major is going on in each scene. Dad’s not concerned but we as the readers are!

So there’s the mystery of what Stanley is up to and then there’s the rhyming text. Many of my favorite read-alouds rhyme. They’re fun to read, and fun to listen to. Books that rhyme also let kids practice the early literacy skill of playing with the sounds in words. Like on the page that says “It was even later still, when Willie smelled a funky smell that made him kind of ill.” Pre-readers see and hear that ‘still’ and ‘ill’ sound alike and look alike. As they continue on their reading journey they’ll be quicker to understand how to read and spell words like ‘fill’ and ‘grill’.

One last thing that makes a picture book great are the details in the pictures. I noticed new things each time I looked through the book. I could tell you what those things were but that would spoil your fun!

Get a copy for yourself and enjoy!


mushYou may be excited about warmer weather, sunshine, and snow melt, but right now in Alaska there are plenty of people excited about snow and sleds. The 2015 Iditarod race started last week in Anchorage Alaska. Sled dog teams race 1,000 miles in wind, snow, and ice to see who will be first to Nome. You can follow the race online by checking out the Iditarod website. You can read all about past mushers, sled dog training, and what it’s like to compete in the race by checking out one of several library books on the topic. Just slide on over to our online catalog and search ‘Iditarod’ then limit your search with the filters on the left.

It’s Pi Day!

Pi DayMarch 14th is National Pi Day!  Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  It’s always the same number, no matter how big or small the circle.  Pi is also an infinite decimal number, though to make things simpler, most people just use 3.14.

To celebrate National Pi Day, the Children’s Services Department at the Main Library will be making Pi Skylines.  Children will graph the number of Pi and color it in to make it look like a city skyline.  This activity will be available all day, so stop on by and partake in the fun!


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