Rescue Fish!

The Children’s Services department has a special, new, aquatic friend in the form of a slightly deformed, but wonderfully resilient, Panther Grouper. When Randy, our “fish guy,” told us he had a rescue fish who had been through a rough and tumble of a time, we invited him to rehabilitate the trooper of a grouper in one of our spacious 300 gallon tanks.

Rescue fish

Trooper, the Grouper — our Rescue Fish

When Trooper first joined our spacious Eel Tank–home to our benevolent Snowflake Eel, Zebra Eel, and African Red-Tipped Starfish–he struggled to swim and his coloring was so poor we were afraid he might not rally, but after just a few weeks, he seems to be thriving!  Because of past experiences, Trooper may always have a bit of a bulge to his left eye, some damage to his left gill, and some scaring on his forehead, but we are so happy to have him–eccentricities and all!

Come by the Children’s Services department at the Main Library to wish Trooper well and visit our dozens of other fun, fishy friends! The tanks are full and the water is fine!

— Post written by Children’s Services staffperson and fish-lover, Dori Graham

Detective Science

These kids at the Pontiac Branch Library practiced being observant, learned about chromatography, and analyzed fingerprints.

If you’d like to be a detective this summer join us for one of our remaining Detective Science programs in July!

All locations of the Allen County Public Library will be closed July 3rd, 4th, and 5th.


Happy Independence Day!

Books of Summer

Here are some books about your favorite summer things!

ice cream casey cooking in a can
zombie couple roller
beach firefly froggy

Hello Skink!


Unique Animals, one of our many great programs this summer, wowed kids at the Grabill Library today with a look at a blue tongued skink. Ellen came from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and told us all about her friend Ace. Everyone got a chance to pet him and see him up close.

You might be surprised by the number of skink books we have at the library, both fiction and non-fiction, just for kids.

little skink's tail skink skink brink
reptiles case classifying reptiles

You can catch the zoo’s animal presentation at other libraries this summer!

They’re baaaack!

It is wonderful to see a long-time favorite author with a new book. Nancy Shaw, author and illustrator of multiple, delightfully silly books about a flock of sheep who manage to create chaos and trouble wherever they go, has recently published Sheep go to Sleep.


sheep go to sleep

From a ship, to a shop, in a jeep, and now asleep, the hapless sheep are sure to bring a grin to everyone’s face who shares these tales.
In addition to the humor of the stories and the art, the rhyming text is easy to follow, encouraging guesses and retelling, two strategies that help pre-readers and readers alike.
What authors do you wish would write another book?


playfulIf you’re a crafter with kids you’re going to want to check out this new book, Playful by Liddiard Merrilee. Contained in this lovely book are lots of ideas, patterns, and projects for you to make with and for your kids. Each one promotes play and creativity. I especially like the chapter on Playful Repurposing with great uses for cereal boxes, larger cardboard boxes, and duct tape.


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