guitarI’ve come to expect good things from music artists who start recording for adults but then try making records for kids. I love the kids’ albums by They Might Be Giants and BNL and now I have a new favorite. Walter Martin played in the band The Walkmen and this summer he released his first solo album, one for kids, called We’re All Young Together.


A moray eel isn’t actually a snake but he’s ugly and lives in underwater caves.
I’m tired of talking about all these other snakes right now when there’s only one snake worth talking about.
–from the song “Rattlesnakes”

The songs are funny and sweet and keep the adults listening just as long as the kids. While it has more musical merit than many kids’ albums, the songs have the same sorts of subjects; the zoo, imagination, love, dreams, and the one quoted above about misunderstood rattlesnakes. I think I have a different ‘favorite’ song on this album every few days.

Take a listen and see what you think!


Garden Wonders


Right about now anyone with a garden is getting to enjoy the full veggie wonder of all the hard work. Perhaps friends, family, and co-workers are also getting in on the harvest.

Celebrate the goodness of your harvest by sharing your veggies and these great books with those you love!

carrot soup busy in the garden accidental zucchini
one potato bob cucumbers

Rockin’ Tonight

It may be a little wet, but we’re still having the Kid Kazooey concert outside on the plaza tonight at 7:00 PM.

Come and join us for a rockin’ good time!

The Thickety by J. A. White is a story about Kara Westfall and the call of magic in her life.  She lives on an island in an isolated community that believes nothing is more evil than magic, except for the woods they call the thickety.  Kara was nearly killed at the age of six by the same men who arrested her mother for witchcraft, but something stopped the nightseeker from identifying her as a witch.  Kara’s mother is executed and the story picks up 7 years later as Kara tries to care for her sickly brother, Taff, who was born on the night of her mother’s execution, and for her father, who has been morose and despondent since that night.  A bird leads Kara into the thickety where she discovers a grimoire which might have belonged to her mother.

This is a dark tale, which is intended for the lower grades, but can be read and enjoyed by grades 6-12 and adults.  This is White’s first novel, and I can’t wait for the second one.  Common Sense Media rates it for age 11 and up, but I would recommend you use your own judgement.  Some of the things that I found terrifying might not be as scary to a child.  The similarity to the Salem witch trials and the concept of mind control might just go over a child’s head and not be noticed.  Every review I have read rates this book at at least 4 out of 5 stars.  I give it 5.

Why I picked it up: I liked both the title and the cover and I was looking for a new book to read.  I like fantasies about magic.

Why I finished the book:  It was very well written and I just kept turning pages.  I couldn’t stop reading.

Who I would give it to: I would give it to my (adult) friend Marcy because she likes the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and also the Inkspell books by Cornelia Funke.  If you and your child enjoyed these books, you will like The Thickety.



We’re celebrating all the great reading everyone did during our 8 week Summer Reading Program! Please come and join us.

It’s free!

It’s for kids of all ages!


Can’t make it? You can always use your library card to check out CDs by Kid Kazooey and the Ballroom Roustabouts and listen at home.




Each year, the Children’s Services department at the Main Library offers a “just-for-fun” Chess Tournament for kids in Preschool through Grade 5. It is an all-day event; kids each play 5 rounds of chess, with snacks and pizza and juice and more chess play between rounds.

Doesn’t this look like fun? Chess is AWESOME!

The day starts at 9:00 am with tournament sign-in and ends at 3:30 with an Awards Ceremony. And it’s all FREE!

Sound like fun? This year’s tournament for kids takes place at the Main Library on Saturday, August 2nd. We ask all kids to register in advance if possible; the requested deadline for registration is Tuesday, July 29th.

For more information, or to register for the tournament, call the Children’s Services department at 260.421.1220. You can also find the advance registration form here — just print it off, fill in all the information, and drop it off at any Allen County Public Library. We look forward to seeing your kids at the Chess Tournament!

Last Day Blues

peteToday is the last day of the 2014 Summer Reading Program.

Don’t be sad or blue! Just be sure to get your prizes by 6:00 tonight when the libraries close.



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